Group Coaching

Group Coaching using a Video Calling Platform

Group Coaching allows people with the same interests to come together with a coach. Here you not only gain insight from a coach, but from peers who can feed off and encourage each other.

***All coaching is currently via Video Calling or Phone.

Group Coaching

Made to Change the World

This is a Group Coaching of about 8 participants. We will read and go through the book “Made to Change the World: Your Life Matters”, by Coach Brian Williams. During the 8 sessions, the participants will be coached on topics according to the reading, including discovering your purpose, creating new habits, setting goals, finding life balance, removing obstacles, and more. This coaching series is Christian based and lead. Creating change in yourself (through Christ) leads to change in others, which leads to change in the world. To Learn more, click here to be directed to the MTCTW website.

Hop on a FREE Webinar-Friday, June 24th– 9-9:30 AM EST to learn what Made to Change the World is all about. I will be introducing myself along with other coaches who will be leading this group.

Tuesdays at 7-8 EST, starting July 12th!

For ONLY $200 you will receive

  • 8 weeks of group coaching with a Certified Coach in MTCTW (me!)
  • a digital download of a copy of the book
  • a link to Teachable to follow along and prepare for each session (including downloadable material)
  • the support of a coach along with 7 other participants to encourage one another!
  • Access to email check-ins and support
  • AND Most importantly Change in your life and Knowing who you are in Christ
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