Meet the Coach

Coach Amanda L. Lawton

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Sociology.

Training through The Institute of Life Coach Training.

Certified Change the World Coach with Made To Change The World

Hello! If you’ve come here to learn more about me, then you’re in the right place!

I’m Amanda L. Lawton, the coach and founder of Life Unlimited Coaching. I have always found it difficult to write a description about myself, but recently I’ve come to learn more about myself than I’ve know before! I’ve grown, I’m changed, I’m healed, I am a chosen child of God. You will notice quickly as you read about me in my blogs and some posts on my social media that I am a Christian. My faith is my foundation and why I am who I am (**see below).

I currently live in beautiful Buffalo of WNY, with my dog Gracie. (And yes, the chicken wings and pizza are best around here!) I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Sociology, and am currently working towards becoming a Certified Life Coach. I have completed all of my course work and field work required to apply for certification! I am now in the final stages of the process towards applying!! Through my course work I also became certified as a “Change the World” Coach (you can find out more about that on my coaching pages). This is all exciting stuff, and I cannot wait to dive deeper into the field and work with amazing people such as yourself!

What about things that I like to do?! I’m glad you were wondering! I am a creative, so anything that allows me to be creative I enjoy. In my spare time you can find me checking out state parks and chasing sunsets. I love musicals, Disney, and Christmas! I also enjoy traveling. Rarely will you hear of me turning down a good road-trip, and the miles on my car will prove it. I also have a great sense of humor, but this isn’t a dating site so I’ll end it here!

If you’d like to find out more about me, you can read more in a blog post on Why I decided to become to be a Life Coach.

**As observed, I am a Christian and I will offer some Christian coaching packages (specified), however, I am not limiting my coaching to only those within the Christian faith. Anyone is welcome to request a consultation to be coached! During this time we will both determine whether we’d make a good coaching partnership. Coaching is about the client’s agenda, not the coach’s. So please don’t let my faith deter you from connecting!

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