Your love is a Symphony

(This was written almost 3 years ago. It was in the middle of my struggle that ultimately led me to quit my job about 3 months later.)

So those of you who know me or those who don’t know, I like to use analogies when trying to explain
things, mostly my feelings. So today at work I was thinking about how every day is set up based on
people I have, product I have or need, what needs to be done at certain times, break coverage, and
everything else to make it through the day. Once I get all the pieces together I can begin plan how the day will go. It’s like conducting an orchestra. Some days my orchestra sounds horrible. The percussionist is trying to keep time, but not, the trombonist forgot their trombone, the triangle is just going off whenever and wherever, the flutist has a fat lip and can’t make sound with their flute, the guitarist broke a string, and the keyboardist doesn’t remember how to play even though he’s been taught many times, the bass player never showed up, and then we didn’t even hire someone to play the French horn or clarinet!

Then there are the days where we are keeping time and we have rhythm, things are sound smooth and looking beautiful but we can’t seem to keep it together long enough to complete the symphony. But then I remember a great, beautiful song by my favorite band Switchfoot, “Your love is a song”. I may not be able to conduct a beautiful orchestra by myself, but my God can. “Oh your love is a song.”, “Ooo, you love is a symphony.” Allowing God to be in control and to rely on him, to start my day in prayer asking for his strength and help, I can begin to hear his amazing symphony and know that my God is in control and everything will work out for the good. And maybe the mess ups, and the days where it sounds like my song was dissonant, they are compiled together with the good to make a beautiful symphony.

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