Sundays are great for Sun Days

We are now into the full bloom of spring! Wow, so beautiful! (If you can see through the water in your eyes from the allergies!)

Now we’re are starting to warm up. (Here in Western NY we had a beautiful week in the 70s.) we are all itching to get outside and enjoy the freshness of springtime.

Throughout the winter months mostly in the northern states we are deprived of vitamin D from the natural sun. So now that it’s warmed up and the birds and Bess are out flying around, we can venture outside ourselves.

Getting outside and experiencing the sun is so good for our health, and especially our mental health. It helps increase serotonin, a hormone that helps boost our moods and aids in the reduction of depression or SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

So if you’re able to get out today, go for it! Enjoy your day, soak up the sun! Increase your serotonin and vitamin D!

Have a blessed week!


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