Made to Change the World Group Coaching

I’m writing this to share with you an exciting opportunity for growth!

I will be coaching a small group study of

Made To Change The World

My group will be meeting online Thursdays from 10-11 am EST starting July 14th. But first the author of MTCTW will be hosting a webinar:

Wondering why and how you can change the world?

Hop on a FREE Webinar-Friday, June 24th– 9-9:30 AM EST

Learn what Made to Change the World is all about.

Meet various leaders so you can hand pick your small group facilitator. (Pick me!!)

This 8-week study will equip you to hear and answer God’s calling for your life. Topics will include: writing your purpose statement, strengthening your faith muscle, developing self-control, and increasing confidence for your future. Join us in learning about our individual gifts and how we can use them in every aspect of our lives.

I look forward to seeing you at the Webinar! Mark your calendar – Friday, June 24th, 9-9:30 AM (EST).

For ONLY $199 you will receive

  • 8 weeks of group coaching with a Certified Coach in MTCTW (me!)
  • a digital download copy of the book 
  • a link to Teachable to follow along and prepare for each session (including downloadable material)
  • the support of a coach along with 7 other participants to encourage one another!
  • Access to email check-ins and support
  • AND Most importantly Change in your life and Knowing who you are in Christ

After the webinar, registration for the study will be available, until then you could let me know you are interested in joining my group to save you a spot and send you the updated information as it’s available.

Hope to hear from you! And please feel free to comment with any questions about this group coaching or coaching in general.

(also please feel free to share with fellow believers who may be interested)

Thank you, Coach Amanda

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