Free New Year’s Webinar


I hope you are doing well and that you’ve been able to enjoy the holiday season this far!

I would like to invite you to join me, Coach Amanda, for a Free New Year’s Webinar!

If you’re like most people you may have set a New Year’s Resolution year after year only to follow through for a limited time and “fall off the bandwagon”. You’re not alone, and I would be lying if I told you I never experienced that myself. But I would like to offer you an opportunity to join me in this webinar on either January 2nd at 7pm (est) or January 5th at 9pm (est). It’ll be about an hour long. You may register to whichever time slot works best for you.

We will be covering the following topics:

Why it’s difficult following through on New Year’s Resolutions

Knowing where and how to start

You’ll get a chance to answer some questions that will help you discover what you as an individual need to move forward.

You will gain:




You’ll also be getting some LIMITED OFFERS along with the information you receive from the webinar!!

(There will be no purchases required to participate, this is completely free)

I am excited to be able to offer this webinar for you and to those you may want to join you as we kick off the New Year with new perspectives and motivation! (Please feel free to forward this and share with anyone you may feel would be interested as well)

To register, you can click on this link below:

If you are unable to attend the webinar but would still like to meet with me to discuss what your options could look like for you in the coming year, please feel free to connect with me!

I’ll looking forward to seeing you there!

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