What is Life Coaching is and what it is not.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach, in which together they are able to identify what changes the client would like to make in their life. During a session the coach will ask a series of questions allowing the client to come to awareness of areas in their life that they’d like to change. Through awareness the client will be able to create goals and develop habits that align with their needs and values, allowing the client to begin living a more fulfilling life. A Life Coach works alongside their client, however it is the client’s responsibility to make their own decisions.

Are you RAW? Ready, able, and willing?

Stepping into a coaching relationship with me you will be able to look into each of these 3 areas to look at the what and how’s that will allow you to move forward.

In order to be successful in creating change you have to be Ready, Able, and Willing. You can be Ready and Able, but not Willing. You can be Able and Willing, but not Ready. Or you can be Ready and Willing, but not Able. If any of these areas are a “not,” then it’s difficult to move forward. Working with a Life Coach you can allow you to work past any obstacles you may have in your life.

What Life Coaching is NOT.
  • Counseling/Therapy- In counseling, a counselor works with their client to focus more in the past. By working through areas in their life affected by their childhood, traumas, and other past experiences, it helps bring them to healing.
  • Consulting- In consulting, a client typically comes in with a problem and the consultant provides information (their own expertise, strategies, methodologies, etc.) to help solve them.
  • Mentoring- A mentor typically walks alongside with someone who is seeking guidance. They build trust a trusted relationship, share learned experiences, and model positive behaviors for their mentored.

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