Exploring Self-Care

You may have noticed that I’ve been advertising my Self-Care Workshop now for about a month, and I wanted to share my story, a little bit about what self-care really is, and also give a bit of insight into the workshop.

Just over 2 years ago if you would have mentioned self-care to me it wouldn’t have meant much and I wouldn’t have looked into it. I actually was in the place that many people are in. I was working in retail. I felt as though my days all combined. I’d wake up, go to work, come home so exhausted I didn’t feel like doing much of anything else, I’d go to bed, and do it all over again. I didn’t have time to consider doing anything about my mental health. For my years I knew I needed to go to counseling, but didn’t have (or make the time) for it. I didn’t exercise and I ate very poorly. When I wasn’t working I was doing for other people and I felt guilty when I would say I needed time to myself. I had poor boundaries, putting everyone and everything before myself. I didn’t feel like I had purpose in life. And to be honest my relationship with God wasn’t very great either. I could go on. And I know that many people are in similar situations. Maybe you’re a stay at home or single parent who struggles to be able to do anything for yourself. Or maybe you’ve never really heard about self-care or learned about taking care of yourself in different areas of your life. There are many reason why you might not be practicing Self-Care.

My idea of self-care was taking a stay-cation, getting a mani/pedi, and indulging at a spa. These are things I didn’t believe I could do or even wanted really. So I would have overlooked anything that mentioned self-care. 

Boy was I wrong! Self-care goes far beyond self-indulgence or relaxation (though, yes those can be types of self-care). It is not always fun or easy (setting boundaries, quitting bad habits, having hard conversations, etc). My definition of self-care is the practice of maintaining or improving the quality of your overall health. Self-care isn’t so much a thing as it is an action. Many people would consider themselves to not feel at their healthiest. We can look at overall health by breaking it down into categories. We have health within mental, emotional, physical, social, financial, spiritual, relationships, and within our careers. Each area needs improvement or maintenance, and how do we do this? Through self-care. It is caring for ourselves by actively working in these areas.

In this workshop we will discuss more myths about self-care, explore into each of these areas some ways you can improve and maintain balance in your life. Everyone is different, and you may not implement everything, but it is meant to bring insight and spark ideas that you might find work for you. Throughout the 3 weeks, while we explore different types of self-care, I will also be coaching the group so that you can set goals and create action steps to reach them. There will be time outside of the workshop where you can answer questions that may also lead to ideas that you can create habits with.

I am also offering, after the workshop has ended, an individual follow-up coaching session so that afterwards you are able to have that one-on-on time that you are able to assess your goals and action steps that you have created over the last few weeks. Also looking into where you can find accountability to practice and maintain your self-care.

Self-care is NOT selfish. After all, how are we to care for others if we aren’t able to care for ourselves?!

If it has stirred some thought and you are interested, please take this opportunity. It is something everyone should make sure they are mindful of to work toward to have better overall health.

The next workshop is being offered in October on Wednesdays the 13th, 20th, and 27th at 6:30-8pm (EST)

The 3 weeks of group coaching and one individual session is being offered at a far more than reasonable cost of only $45.

To sign up please register through this link https://forms.gle/rodRGpy5F5YRaQPB6

(If you would be interested at a later time 8-9:30pm (EST) please email me, as others are interested in this time and I am looking to set dates for it)

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