Life Balance with Jesus as the center

The Lord has really laid this on my heart this week, and has brought so much of His word and has brought me to meditate on it. He has also called me to share these thoughts on this platform to be shared out amongst the believers and those seeking life through Christ.

So the Lord has been revealing to me that I need to start creating even more balance in my life. I had been doing well with it for a while, but now life is getting busy and it’s hard to try to fit everything into my week while taking time for myself. It’s time for an assessment and cleanse!

Not only do I need to balance my time better, but with all of my resources. God is calling me to become a better steward with my time, energy, mind, relationships, and overall life.

He has lead me to different scriptures that have challenged me to start making changes through the way I think and to listen to His Spirit (written in the picture below). As a life coach I have a better grasp on understanding obstacles and the need to analyze whether I need to find a way over them , around them, or to move them. But one thing I sometimes fail to keep in mind is consulting with God. What does He say? After all, as believers we should be living our lives the way He has created us for. Is it an obstacle He created? Or is it an obstacle we created? Have we been avoiding it? For how long? Why?

As I talk about creating life balance, it includes mental health, physical health, spiritual health, finances, social/fun, family/relationships, environment, and career, along with many other sub categories. We can all create balance and feel in balance. But how long can that last? As believers, by being intentional and asking Jesus into every area of life, we can live in the balance as Jesus as our center. Sure, we may at times feel out of balance. Maybe there will be times God allows us to become unbalanced to make changes, learn, and grow. Knowing Jesus keeps the balance can make a difference. How well do you feel you’re doing in each of these areas? Have you allowed Jesus into these areas? If not, how would it look if you did?

Yes, we are all human, but God has called us to live more like Christ. Sure we will stumble, we all fall short, but God will extend grace for you. As Paul shares and we can all relate, I do what I do not want to do, even though I know what I should, yet I continue to do what I don’t. We can overcome this by becoming mindful of what we are doing and when we are doing it. We can ask God to help us.

Another area that’s been brought to my attention is about what others think of each other, or what we think others think of us. Many of us have thoughts about ourselves that go against what God says about us. Sometimes voices of the world and of our our minds, whether someone told us or we decided for ourselves, is louder than God’s. This is a struggle I’ve had for many years, but thankfully through learning the truth and continuing to fight against it, it does get better. What can we do to hear God’s voice and believe His over the others?

Here are some of the scripture brought to me this last week:

Romans 12:2, we can be transformed in the way we think!

2 Cor 10:5, we can rid of anything that goes against what God says by holding it captive! Grab it, analyze it, and replace it with truth!

1 John 1-3, even satan can disguise himself to make us believe it’s from God, but we are to test the spirit. Pray on it, ask God where it’s coming from.

2 Tim 1:7, fear is not of God. He’s given us the ability to overcome.

Romans 8:11, the same power that resurrected Christ from the grave is in you.

This might all seem overwhelming. This may bring feelings of guilt or shame. I remember not being able to read a book about truth because I felt ashamed about how I was living my life and I didn’t feel worthy. If we are all honest, we can all admit we’ve felt this way before. This is being shared with God’s grace and love. It is to bring awareness, not point a finger. How much better would our lives be if we lived it with intention, fixing our eyes on Him, and living our lives out the way He intends us to. He loves us, and that is where this message is coming from.

These are changes that I want for my life, and this is what I ultimately want to help others achieve through Christ. (My purpose statement is, “I am a chosen child of God, who encourages others through my everyday actions and interactions.”) As I learn and grow, it allows me to better walk with my clients as they face challenges they seek a life coach for. I don’t have all the answers, but I know someone who does. I pray for and before every session, that God would use me and that the Holy Spirit would lead the conversation. And I pray for everyone reading this, if God would use this blog to ignite the desire for change. This is not about getting more clients, this is about being obedient to God, and getting this message out to His beloved.

Please share with your brothers and sisters in Christ. God wants us to live the best life we can with balance, to better live life the way He has created us for (as individuals and as a whole).

Take care, God Bless.

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