Tending to Mental Health

In light of recent events, I feel it necessary to write about the importance of tending to mental health.

I am not going to get political here. I just want to state some facts about why it’s so important to focus on mental health. It is easy to blame weapons and gun control on why we have violence and mass shootings, but who is behind the weapon and what is going on in their mind.

Did you know that many mental health disorders are developed within adolescence, some times even younger. Our brains aren’t fully developed until the age of about 25, allowing development of an disorder to develop during this time. There are different reasons as to why a person would develop a disorder. Some are genetically disposed, some is because of their environment that the person is raised in, the exposure of dysfunction and trauma, as well as lifestyle.

Wanting to acknowledge that you yourself, your child, or someone you know might have a mental health disorder can be difficult, but going untreated or in acknowledged can lead to some serious repercussions.

What are some signs of any mental health disorder?

  • Extreme changes in mood
  • Extended periods of sadness or irritability
  • Irrational fears, worry, or anxiety
  • Change in behaviors
  • Withdrawing

There are many types of mental health disorders, ranging from depression, to anti-social disorder, to schizophrenia. Most disorders can be treated, but not always cured, through medication, therapy, and other types of interventions. Being intentional to work on mental health can come a long way to helping a person function to their fullest. It may be difficult at times, but it is worth it, not only of the individual, those those around them. Some one struggling with a disorder does not only affect themselves but almost always those closest to them. Many times it can leave others, hurt, abused, or neglected. It can also become generational, where codependency is learned and it gets passed down and spread through generations causing other serious issues, along with other disorders. It can be avoided or less effected if the person the mental health issues seek help and treatment.

It’s easy to poke fun and talk about someone who has an illness from the outside, but experiencing it from the inside you will come to find it is anything but a joke. They need help, and they need support.

If you feel you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please reach out. You are worth the help. They are worth the help.

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